I Walk in the Twilight

I walk in the twilight …

in that in-between place which separates

the darkness from the light …


That place where colors and dreams are

washed out into differing shades of gray …

and they slowly fade away into the nothingness

of what was …

disappearing from the future of what could

have been …


Where the ghosts of lost friendships and

lost loves are my only companions …

the weight of despair is crushing my soul

with a cold indifference …

and a feeling of hopelessness engulfs all …






The essence of you swirls and

flows around me like a wild thing

moving just outside the light

that is the burning flames of love

             ~     ~     ~     ~     ~

Sometimes coming so close that

the flames dance with wild desire

and other times moving away and

leaving them as cooling embers

waiting to once more be fanned into

heartwarming flames of love

             ~     ~     ~     ~     ~



My Reward

My life has been a living

hell the last several years

and I still haven’t learned

how to face this fear


The fear of losing all

because of lies I believed

a hell of my own making

was the reward I received


The loss of trust and friendships

is almost too much to bear

but I’ll continue with my struggles

and try my best not to care




As the storms of life

swirl around about me

there is another brewing

down deep inside


A whirlwind of hurt,

anger and confusion

slowly eroding away at

the core of my being


The very core of who

and of what I am

until nothing of

me remains and

I become just an

empty shell of a man





Within the silence


in this prison

of solitude


my soul is


within its

own despair


Isolated within

the darkness

behind this

broken mirror


In a place where

no one can hear

the cries of the






Here in the dark desolate

landscape of the ever night

I hear the rustling of their

feathery wings . . . Raven’s . . .

Messengers of the gods . . .

Bearers of dark tidings


We wait together in the night

peering out into the void

watching as pale shadows

stir aimlessly . . . Trapped . . .

Lingering shades of past lives . . .

Lost here forevermore